• dear black man

    Dear Black Man,

    A letter of love to my fellow Africans. Written and performed by Femi M. Nassi. Dear Black Man, They say this world is yours. That as long as you are a man, this world will do you

  • african poem

    G O L D

    The sun will never set on the children of Africa. By Eileen Gbagbo The sun rises on the children of Africa She winks down at her first borns Those whose earth coloured palettes glow at her

  • RUN.

    Would you believe me if I told you that what you're about to hear doesn't have any computerised effects on it? You'll be glad to know that I have increased the bass levels slightly. As it turns

  • Dangerous.

    Lyrics First Verse. Shout out to all the movers and the shakers. The ground breakers. Everybody else a hater. You get annihilated. Wait till all my troublemakers show up. Pull up. Rule


    Introduction: A Poem About Animals, Strength & Brands. This poem was inspired by a discussion (41:44) between T.D. Jakes and Steven Furtick. The Bishop tells a story of a safari trip he


    ARTWARE. When doubted, show why you should betaken seriously. When praised, prove that your best is yetto come. When plotted against, reveal that you're moves ten steps ahead, playing a game you

  • Library

    The Grand Library.

    Click play to listen to the full story that brought about The Grand Library! A Monument. By now you have probably seen my recent short story called Cairo To Cape Town. If you haven't, I think you

  • Cairo To Cape Town

    Cairo To Cape Town.

    Click play to listen to the full story!  Introduction: An African Journey. LEVITATION™  Hello everyone! Welcome to our headquarters in the beautiful and extremely sunny, Bujumbura.