PhD Journey

Hiya! I’m Shlomo. Welcome to SHLOMOTION**! It’s the central hub where I’m documenting my PhD journey 🙂

Displacement & Livelihood

I started in January 2018, and my work centres on displacement and livelihoods. I’m in the School of Education & Professional Development at the University of Huddersfield! Follow along to read more about my academic work and the ways I’m going about documenting it. Outside of academia, I like walking, discovering unique songs and listening to audiobooks. Right now I’m listening to Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled.

Why a PhD?

Through this pursuit, I intend to position myself as the premier Educational Consultant who leads the field in generating creative and highly informed ideas in the world of skills training, entrepreneurship and economic prosperity on the African continent.

Structure & Feedback!

I post here as a way to structure my thinking on various ideas and issues which then translates to more focused thinking in my formal thesis document. From poems and songs about romantic desires, serendipitous encounters, and entrepreneurial ambitions, to plays and extensive articles about interesting research approaches and insights, there’s lots here that lets me think about my research in interesting ways. I’d appreciate any feedback you have as well 🙂

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