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  • Entonox.

    A Short Story about My First Experience of the NHS Minor Injuries Unit. Lost in the fog. That's how I felt with each breath of this substance. I was told that after a few intakes, it would relax me.

  • tottering


    Tottering. Tottering. Tottering on the brink of illiteracy, was a man once known, for his intellectual proficiency. For brilliant no more he was, as those days were long

  • plant growing


    Plant effortlessly emerging from the sweltering tarmac beneath my feet*. *Am I trying too hard with this caption?  Sorcery. On my walk home one day, I see a small plant before me. Its

  • monologues about love


    "Thank you for loving me... A series of monologues. Just the way I am. You don't need to thank me. I do though. In all my hardness, and excessiveness, you have accepted me. And made me

  • analysis in storytelling

    Stories & Theories.

    Stories Currently, I'm reading chapter 8 in The Ethnographic I. It constantly astounds me how well the book is structured. How is it that someone can write a textbook using conversations in a

  • a poem about my father

    “Dream big dreams”

    In the darkest of rooms, that's all I'm left with. Memories of you slowly fading with each day.   In the brightest afternoons, I'm shielded by these wine tinted curtains. Left to wonder;

  • A poem about love

    Egyptian Beauty.

    Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, But they were very much conscious.   Loving every minute of vacation, Thoroughly adventurous.   An act that seemed to revive not just their souls, But

  • poem about africa

    “Emerging Economies”

    Introduction: Poetry Late last year I started writing some poems. I think most of them really suck right now if I'm being honest. But I'm fascinated by this form of expression. This new hobby of mine

  • Income Generation

    Income Generation: A Rethink.

    Introduction: Incomeing! Recently, I've realised that several people online are able to use multiple streams to generate income. In the coming sections, I present examples of how people are making

  • a poem about life

    Dreams & Nightmares.

    A Poem About Life & Relationships My dreams are made of kisses and cuddles And nightmares of no mrs and toddles Reality is altered in a carbonated fizz But I’m torturously lonely in this

  • Africa's future

    Future Technology: Three Reasons I’m Excited!

    Introduction: Beyond Hope I can't help but think a combination of the following core ideas, technologies, and systems will lead to incredible transformations that go beyond any current conception of