Following my now weekly dose of TED videos for inspiring projects and ideas, I’m back to my Autoethnography text. In a section on ‘Writing evocatively’ (p. 141), Ellis recommends the book ‘Bird by Bird’ by Anne Lamott. I’m a sucker for good, catchy titles. Because of my love for audiobooks, I immediately head to Audible first to see if there’s any sign of these birds. Nothing! Next stop, The Amazon.

I’m in luck, it’s there! And not just there; on a CD! Audio, nonetheless. My 2010 MacBook was made for days like this! I immediately order it and proceed to write this blog post patiently awaiting the moment my CDs arrive and I can transfer the files to my phone to listen on the move!

The title ‘Bird by Bird’ reminds me of a song that I absolutely love called ‘Play by Play’. I then go back to Google, type in the words “play by play lyrics”, and the artist “Autre Ne Veut”. Clicking on the first link to, I scroll through the lyrics of the song, and remind myself of how much I love it by singing the parts that I remember “play by play by play, don’t ever leave me alooone, I just called you up to get that play by play”. As I scrolled back up to click on the play button to hear this song once again, I notice the button is no longer there. I can’t hear the song any longer while reading the words, which is strange because I used to be able to before. Instead, something else catches my attention. Featured prominently across the top of the page, is a banner ad by A list of audiobooks is shown. I click on the one that most appeals to me titled “rethinking social media”. It takes me to the audible website where I see the subtitle of the book, “Stop wasting time. Start earning money”. I then scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the reviews of the book. One of the reviews reads as almost another book; long and elaborate with three stars overall. I don’t bother with it. The others seem to be pleased with the content with five star reviews. I then proceed to buy this book with my last available Audible credit for the month. Excited by this purchase, which I’ll promptly listen to on my long Sunday afternoon walks, I now ponder the ease with which all of this happened, seamlessly taking me one step closer to my ever more ambitious entrepreneurial dreams.


Listen/read my first long article here.

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