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1. Introduction: An African Journey.


Hello everyone! Welcome to our headquarters in the beautiful and extremely sunny, Bujumbura. My name is Yao, and I’m the Head of Operations at LEVITATION.

Three decades ago, my father told my brothers and I a story. It was a story of a preacher who came to their secondary school to deliver a sermon during one of their assemblies. The sermon ended with the following words: “Dream big dreams!” “Dream big dreams!” As my father told us this story, it seemed like just another day in Farafenni. But these words have inspired and continue to shape my vision for this region.

Today, as we unveil our flagship tour train, we hope that it inspires the next generation of African engineers, designers, artists and visionaries, to dream even bigger dreams.

2. Levi™

The trains that we are soon to be deploying are currently in the last stages of testing on the new and improved D.E.O.S.™ (Diamagnetically Earthed Oscillation Systems) 2.8 rail system developed by G.H.O.S.T. ENGINEERING™ and the heavy engineering arm of VIBRANIUM INDUSTRIES.

I’m very happy to say that in December later this year, many of you and your families will be on a trip between various cities on the African continent.

Now! Without further ado, the moment we have all been waiting for. I present to you, the Levi 4DRX™!

Cairo To CapeTown
The Levi 4DRX (17.9243° s, 25.8572° e).

It is truly a thing of beauty. I can’t get over it. Wait till you see what’s under the hood; that will really drop your jaws. Designed for speed and comfort, it connects cities from being days travel by car, to hours by train. A truly magnificent feat of engineering and collaboration.

The front of the train houses the main engine, various sensors, cameras and several other navigational elements that our Head of Production, Asha, will talk about shortly. This model, the 4DRX, can take up to four cars or carriages.

Currently, you’re only seeing one car attached. But later in the day, you’ll actually get to see the full train. It set off from Cairo very early this morning, and if we’ve timed this right, they’ll be here with us shortly. Before then, Mumbi, our Head of Engineering, will provide some more details of the mechanism that enables the cars to attach and detach, as well as other technical details.

2.1 Partnerships.

I’d like to talk about some of the partnerships that went into this project. We are spearheading a new era of transportation. Our previous collaboration with VIBRANIUM on our cargo trains, took business and trade on the continent to stratospheric heights. The team at G.H.O.S.T.™, one of our main partners, who have also worked with the African Union on its space programs, will be up here later in the day to talk about the rail system they helped design.

2.1.1 Autonomous Engineering.

This is Version 2 of the train architecture which has been designed by a company called X. For those who don’t know, X is what some would describe as a decentralised semi-autonomous engineering corporation. I describe it as the most important organisation in the 21st century. X is working in partnership with us to manufacture the hardware for the engine and carriages, and to integrate the various software components.

2.1.2 Energy Infrastructure.

SUN, another company we worked with, is a solar energy infrastructure company based in Kigali. It has designed and implemented the energy infrastructure that our trains will run on. If there is any one company that has made this project come to fruition in the way it has, it would have to be the team at SUN. The decentralised solar energy infrastructure they’ve built is second to none.

2.1.3 Vision 2100.

As you know, the project is being overseen by the African Union Vision 2100 Initiative. This arm of the AU regulates the funding and accountability of major infrastructure projects across the continent. For instance when we came to them initially with this project, one of the first things they asked us was, “Who is funding it?” “What are interest rates on any loans being taken, payment terms, etc?” These kinds of questions, and more, will remain vital for the success of this project.

Before the team at Cross-Continental™ comes up, please enjoy this multimedia presentation.

3. Cairo To Cape Town: Vision of An African Future.

“Good morning everyone. Hope you’re enjoying the journey so far. As we slow down slightly to pick up two more train cars, do enjoy the stunning scenery in this part of East Africa. Coming up on the left in the direction of travel for those in cars A and B, and shortly for C, is the majestic Grand Library* of Mogadishu. For those of you remaining on board, and especially for those disembarking here, as we like to say, do keep your friends and family close, pets closer and your luggage even closer.”

“For those just joining us, welcome aboard today’s Levi 4DRX Cross-Continental Tour Train to Cape Town. Light refreshments and meals are available via one of our many automated trolleys. Do let me or one of the attendants know if you need any assistance at any point. On behalf of the entire team at Cross-Continental, I would like to thank you for travelling with us. And we hope you enjoy the rest of the journey. Our next calling point is Bujumbura.”

4. Voice AI: Train Announcement.

4.1 Zulu.

4.2 French.

4.3 English, I.

4.4 English, II.

4.5 Arabic.

4.6 Wolof.

How awesome was that? So we’ve just got word that Levi has just left Mogadishu and is on its way here. In due course, we will get to experience its magnitude and magnificence.

I now welcome the Chairman and CEO of Cross-Continental, Baka Muzone.

CC → G.H.O.S.T. → Mumbi → Ashi →🚄

This story is an extract from The Intervention, which is near completion. So keep an eye on the page. Any day now!

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The artist commissioned to paint it was Cheryl Waugh, a Canadian artist. You can view one of several interviews I had with her here.

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*One more thing. Here’s a vision of The Grand Library.

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