First Verse.

Shout out to all the movers and the shakers.
The ground breakers. Everybody else a hater.
You get annihilated.

Wait till all my troublemakers show up.
Pull up. Rule up. You can’t measure up son. You need to hold up.

I been telling you everything that we do is gonna be greatness.

This label trying to hold me down, but I’m still weightless.
Scooping all the money in the world, kind of a shovelist.

You trying to box me in; all these trends you want to see. I’m gonna buck it.
Check out this list. Some heavy risks.

But if you care to know, I’m the kinda type of foe you wanna keep close.


Yo. I’m Shlomo The Great. I’m the greatest that ever lived.

Fuck what you say. You can’t compete, can’t relate.

And. I’m a rapper now, yes rapper now. Tribe of the K. thee from Compton now.


What! You be steady thinking that you know what I’m capable of.

Haven’t even shown you what would be just a glimpse of it.