Introduction: A Shape Poem

I went for a walk today after church. The sun was out and the cold was a bit shy. Then the word ‘great’ and ‘beautiful’ came to mind. I immediately take my phone to document what I know will be a magical moment. I wrote the first words of this poem. When I got home, I decided to turn it into a shape poem, like Hg’s wonderful needle poem.


I am the embodiment of immense greatness and profound beauty.

This, absolutely. And more I now believe wholeheartedly.

If you told me last week that I’d still be writing poetry

I’d say your belief excites and motivates greatly.

But that’s almost nearly as ridiculous

As a gold ring in a poor dream.

Just unnecessary hype.

Like being told that


and the like

Are God’s.








If you enjoyed this poem, I think you will absolutely love all these ones! Because just like this one, they are about goals, ambitions, dreams, ideas, feelings and hopes. Actually, more than hopes.