I’ve just realised that in writing blog posts, I can improve english writing skills for free. Things that I never payed attention to when I wrote, I now do because of a web tool I can use for free. These steps work for me.

Steps To Improve English Writing Skills*

Step 1: Write a story. Anything. I just published one about how I am managing my time and academic resources. Anne Lamont, in her book, ‘Bird by Bird’ argues that “becoming a writer can also profoundly change your life as a reader. One reads with a deeper appreciation and concentration” (Track 31; 12:50).

Step 2: Open the Hemingway Editor, and paste story in the editor. This website gives you feedback on how well you are writing. For instance, I’ve never considered things like the number of adverbs I’m using, the use of passive or active voice, and how hard or easy my sentences are to read. Additionally, the length of sentences, the structure of paragraphs, and the use of transition words all help to make writing better, especially for blog posts. The site then gives you a readability score. The one for this post seems to be good. The site also lets you switch between ‘Write’ and ‘Edit’ mode, so you don’t get distracted by the different colors.

Step 3: Publish article publicly (Twitter/Facebook; depending on the extent to which you desire positive and not so positive feedback).

Step 4: Repeat**.

* This does not guarantee success as a writer. There’s probably more involved that I am yet to discover.

** If upon following these steps your writing does not improve, proceed to step 5 below.

Step 5: Read. A book. A good book, or two; possibly more.

I’m very much enjoying seeing my red sentences turn green. Now onto the next post!