Welcome to my site. It’s a documentation of my PhD journey: a Jambalaya of an experience! I started 6 months ago, and my research involves studying organisations providing educational services for refugees in Kenya and Uganda. Something that I quite admire about the process is the sheer volume of material that I’ve read in such a short time. It is broadening, and also deepening my understanding into many issues.

My PhD Journey: A Jambalaya

‘Jambalaya’. I like this word. The first time I heard it was when I watched Mrs. Doubtfire, over a decade ago. I watched it again recently, and laughed as much as I did when I first saw it! From the images I’ve seen, it’s a meal that looks colourful and has an assortment of ingredients. As an analogy it best describes my life and my current educational pursuits. Like a Jambalaya, I find that a PhD can be an alluring and delectable experience taking much time and skill to prepare. Other times, it also feels like a random and confused mismatch of my ideas on politics, media, technology, and geography

My PhD Journey: Books on books on books..

As I read journal and news articles, and several books like Money Changes Everything, Prisoners of Geography, and many more, I’m coming to grips with the complexities of refugee livelihoods and forced displacement on the African continent. I’m excited to explore these topics some more.
Here’s a link to my second blog post on what I’m researching and why!

My PhD Journey: Blogging, tweeting, podcasting, etc..

With the online tools available today, the ease with which one can connect with others, and share ideas is unparalleled. I intend on using this blog to document major insights through long-form text. Additionally, the processes involved in developing various sections of my study such as the methodology and literature, will be documented here. I’ll use Twitter to share snippets of ideas on things I’m reading, and to connect with others. My podcast will dive deeper into certain topics either on my own, or in discussions with colleagues; and occasional narrations of my longer articles. Thanks for reading 🙂