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A Monument.

By now you have probably seen my recent short story called Cairo To Cape Town. If you haven’t, I think you should before continuing this post. One of the main reasons I wrote this story was to envision an alternative future of Africa that I felt I wasn’t seeing anywhere else. Either I wasn’t Googling hard enough or it just wasn’t there. I’m sure many people have written extensively about prosperous African futures. But I felt I wanted more.

I wanted a vision that wasn’t so far away that I became completely detached from the immediacy of the change that I felt such a work could impart. I also didn’t want a future that was so close that no real change had taken place. My task was cut out for me. The works of many prolific artists like Janelle Monae inspired me to write something of my own.

After absorbing several months of train rides in my little corner of the UK, I decided to give it a go. And from my perspective, the results have been glorious. Not only have I written something that I absolutely love, I have managed to visualise it in a way that is even more majestic. As I thought about this trip between two great African cities, I decided to have an artist that I previously worked with several years ago, paint a building I decided to call The Grand Library.

Precise Structure.

To those that don’t like what they see with my vision of such a library, the baton is now in your hands. Show me what your vision of such a structure could look like. How will the energy around make me feel being there in East Africa? To those that like what they see, please share what you like and show some love to the artist that made it possible.

I’d like to conclude by calling all designers, architects, artists, creators, visionaries, dreamers, writers, thinkers and everyone else in between, to share your vision of an African future; one that is bold, precise and ruthlessly honest! With projects like the African Continental Free Trade Area currently in the works, I believe we need these visions now more than ever. I look forward to hearing from you all!

With Love,


The Grand LibraryMogadishu

Architecture & Design Principles.

“The building is a celebration of the knowledge and history of the people who live in the Horn of Africa. The lower half of the building references some of the surrounding landscape with tree like columns transforming into geometric patterns similar to that of many textiles in the region. The design reflects the rich culture of the people in the Horn of Africa, and marks the completion of the continent’s first Grand Library.”

January 12th, 2030.

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The artist commissioned to paint it was Cheryl Waugh, a Canadian artist. You can view one of several interviews I had with her here.

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