Introduction: Tyrants & Dictators.

Moulded with the finest of political discord.

Forged under the heat of the intensifying commentary.

A new generation of leaders, tyrants and dictators.

If we were to embody you, we’d seek to understand how you became you.

But of course you wouldn’t allow us to.

A Billion Years of Leadership.

Are you serious? You can’t make this up.

Like seriously. You can’t make this stuff up!


You are not even trying anymore!

So that’s the guy you have chosen for sure?

Audacious. Your pure arrogance endures!

A tyrannosaurus. You’re kidding me.


Surely you could be more subtle than that.

That guy? Couldn’t find a fucking diplomat?

Politician? Lying through his teeth for nothing?

Jeez Louise lemon squeeze. Right into my eyes.


Starting to feel the pain from all your lies.

No longer Mr. Freedom and Democracy.

More like Mr. Fuck off my oil. La la la.

La la la la la la la! Can’t hear you!


I’ll never trust anything you say or do.

Cus I know you’re only looking out for you.


You may find my audio commentary on this issue more insightful. It extends the preceding internal dialogue. If anything, the whole point of this piece is to emphasise that civility and tact are important now more than ever. But I’m sure you already knew that.

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