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  • RUN.

    There's nothing more dangerous than a man with a plan. A black man even more so, y'all better run. Shlomo The Great Run. Like your like your life depends on it. Steady. Move like

  • Dangerous.

    Lyrics First Verse. Shout out to all the movers and the shakers. The ground breakers. Everybody else a hater. You get annihilated. Wait till all my troublemakers show up. Pull up. Rule


    Introduction: A Poem About Animals, Strength & Brands. This poem was inspired by a discussion (41:44) between T.D. Jakes and Steven Furtick. The Bishop tells a story of a safari trip he


    ARTWARE. When doubted, show why you should betaken seriously. When praised, prove that your best is yetto come. When plotted against, reveal that you're moves ten steps ahead, playing a game you