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  • RUN.

    There's nothing more dangerous than a man with a plan. A 'black' man even more so, y'all better run. Shlomo The Great Run. Like your life depends on it. Steady. Move like an

  • Groundbreakers.

    Lyrics First Verse. Shout out to all the movers and the shakers. The ground breakers. Everybody else a hater. You get annihilated. Wait till all my troublemakers show up. Pull up. Rule

  • poem about elephants


    Introduction: A Poem About Elephants & Brands. This is a poem about elephants, other unique animals and how to navigate the development of a brand. The poem itself was inspired by a

  • Art.

    ARTWARE. When doubted, show why you should betaken seriously. When praised, prove that your best is yetto come. When plotted against, reveal that you're moves ten steps ahead, playing a game you