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  • african poem

    G O L D

    The sun will never set on the children of Africa. By Eileen Gbagbo The sun rises on the children of Africa She winks down at her first borns Those whose earth coloured palettes glow at her

  • RUN.

    There's nothing more dangerous than a man with a plan. A 'black' man even more so, y'all better run. Shlomo The Great Run. Like your life depends on it. Steady. Move like an

  • poem about elephants


    Introduction: A Poem About Elephants & Brands. This is a poem about elephants, other unique animals and how to navigate the development of a brand. The poem itself was inspired by a

  • Art.

    ARTWARE. When doubted, show why you should betaken seriously. When praised, prove that your best is yetto come. When plotted against, reveal that you're moves ten steps ahead, playing a game you

  • poem about politics


    . .. <Sigh> I'm speechless. Where do we go from here? You are rapacious in your audacity. Completely shameless in your hubris. Once thought your greatness would last. But at last, we

  • future research project


    Are you listening carefully to Twi? Ewe. Or is it 'we'? As in wearing your clothes. Either way here it goes. Pay attention. Got a research proposition for you. Institute of Language

  • a poem about IP


    A Poem About Intellectual Property I consider myself an artist, creator. Visionary. Dreamer, writer, thinker. And everything else in between. The only person gonna be making money from thee - the

  • a poem about life

    The Messenger.

    All the good ones are damn near dead. What we have left is not worth have a thread. Even if we tried, it'd be hard to survive. 'Cus the truth is submerged under a pile of lies. My reality

  • destress

    Good Morning

    Introduction My morning walk: a recording of nature; birds, trees, dogs, people and a stream. Something to destress and meditate to. Morning Colourwheel Deep breaths De-stress Progress No

  • Nope

    3 Sorry. I'm not that selfish. You got all the questions. And you've booked all the churches. But there's gonna be one less hearse

  • black man in dirt

    B L A C K

    Introduction: Poems About Race And Identity I'm currently reading two books that have made me realise that I need to read more. Way more! The first is The Destruction of Black Civilisation and the

  • a poem about politics

    The New Leaders of The Free World.

    I think I know what you're thinking. "Oh boy. Here we go