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  • a poem about poverty

    The Ubiquitous Boy

    🙏🏾 The scale of my ambition. It's getting too large to construct on my own. Like many Africans, I've had enough. News coverage showcasing this region. Does nothing but reinforce the legion

  • a rhythmic poem


    A Rhythmic Poem I was on my way home today and this came to me when I was on the train. I aggressively wrote it down even as my stop quickly approached. F. Fuck you, and everything you stand

  • an opposites poem

    Everything & Nothing

    An opposites poem. Life almost feels like a balance between opposites; life and death, good and not good, For the longest time, I wasn't sure what to call this. Is it a poem about life and death.

  • the leader of the free world

    The Leader of The Free World.

    A Poem About The World This poem, 'the leader of the free world' is a collection of my thoughts on the world of politics. It's also my first attempt at an iambic pentameter structure! The Free


    Poems About Being 'Black'. A few weeks ago, I felt the urge to write something in my notepad. The words that dropped in my head were, "when in doubt, blame the black man". Not thinking much of it, I

  • the stars, the moon, the clouds…

    a poem about relationships How do you want the stars, the moon, the clouds, and everything I own? I will give you my heart, my soul, my life, and everything I know. Just to know that you'll

  • Poem About America

    Freedom & Justice.

    Recently, I've been wondering whether everything negative we read or watch about the US is a testament to its true colours or simply a blip in its continued dominance on the world stage. My poem

  • rhythm & ghosts.

    So he had a ghostwriter? What's next? A freaking ghostliver? While you're at it, add to that a ghosteater. A ghostsleeper. A

  • XYZ.

    A Metaphorical Poem About Life And...it's here. A future. Agile? I was not enough to be. Black in it's entirety. A new beginning and a new me. Clockwork. As though a plan hatched by some supreme

  • Are you sure?

    Are you sure you want to be with me? Are you sure you don't want two kids and a white picket fence? Cus I don't. Are you sure you want to be here? Are you sure you want this barren scape in a

  • Rare.

    I want a beautiful ring from you. With rare stones and diamond encrusted too. Are flowers too much to ask? Or maybe just chocolates, 'cos I might be moving too

  • tottering


    Tottering. Tottering. Tottering on the brink of illiteracy, was a man once known, for his intellectual proficiency. For brilliant no more he was, as those days were long