A Short Story about My First Experience of the NHS Minor Injuries Unit.

Lost in the fog. That’s how I felt with each breath of this substance. I was told that after a few intakes, it would relax me. Tsssss. Tsssss. Tssssss. All I could do was grab my leg with each tug of my toe. All I could think was OMG I can’t wait to write a poem about this later. Felt like being half asleep and half awake. Except I was in excruciating pain; a dream that I could not wake up from. Then I woke up. And the nurse was sitting there nonchalantly typing as though nothing happened. I then said to her, “It felt like I fell asleep.” “Yeah, different people react to it differently.” “How did I react?” “You were quite relaxed”, she said.

I then whisked myself away to get another X-ray to see if my bone was back in the right place. From arriving at the hospital, registering, going to the Minor Injuries Unit, to getting the first X-ray, bone re-adjustment, and second X-ray, it was about 10pm. The Taxi that brought us here said “you’ll be there for at least 4 hours.” After seeing the Orthopaedic surgeon, it was almost 12:30am. We arrived at the hospital at 8:32pm. I’m told this procedure, outside a private clinic somewhere in Ghana would have taken several days. So I guess I can’t complain.