Are you listening carefully to Twi? Ewe.
Or is it ‘we’? As in wearing your clothes.

Either way here it goes. Pay attention.
Got a research proposition for you.

Institute of Language Innovation
if you will please. Project ONE. Here we come.

What if there was some kind of research project —
not a rogue effort by some freaking ruthless tyrant.

But a more collective, systematic
study of languages. African too.

To be exact. Nothing more or you will
attract all the things that will it bland.

Everything. Nothing.

I’m thinking someone that would listen to
several hours of dialogue. Between

the young, the old, the wise and yonder.
Various languages, listened to to note;

the words and phrases borrowed from other
languages. Bloody hell. Lots of languages.

That’s it. Really. Nothing detailing the
methodology, philosophy or any of that.