A Poem About The World

This poem, ‘the leader of the free world’ is a collection of my thoughts on the world of politics. It’s also my first attempt at an iambic pentameter structure!

The Free World

Perpetual occupation. Thoughts o’Disgust.

A path into oblivion. Who can we trust?

5% of the world population.

20%, prison population.

More thoughts. More of disgust. Despair. Hope? Less.

And less! Each day I think I forget. It’s there.

Orange TV show personality.

As the leader of the free world?! What kind

of world is that? What am I supposed t’think?

Oh right. Because he’s free to tweet trash, garbage,

putridness, calling everyone out other than himself,

calling people dogs? That’s freedom. No thank you.

In the meantime, go fix your fucking self!

Before you try to fix everyone else.



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