Introduction: Poems About Race And Identity

I’m currently reading two books that have made me realise that I need to read more. Way more! The first is The Destruction of Black Civilisation and the second book is Black Genesis. One of the scary things about the first of these books is that I’m only half way through and Williams  has already talked about so much. I’m like, how much more could there be left to talk about?! There’s already been so much. This is one of many of my poems about race and identity.


How is this skin black?

How is this glow and magnificent beauty black?

And even this mind black?

How is this flow and intellectual profundity black?

Like. Is this fire black?

How is this love and compassionate energy black?

Dear Black, it’s not you.

It’s me. I love you as a Matte. But not as an expre-

ssion of my identity.

I know I lost you at black. Please forgive me.

But I just can’t. “Leave it!”

Whenever I hear it. I can’t! I’m sorry. I am.


Who knows where my obsession with this topic will take me next. One thing is for sure thought. I know where it has. Check out my poems “Emerging Economies” and I & I.

I have a poem coming out at the end of the year (2019) that will build on my knowledge from Black Genesis. For those that are wondering, much of my poems and writing is drawn from books. The knowledge from my “Emerging Economies” poem for instance, comes from Walter Rodney’s How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.