A Poem About Life & Relationships

My dreams are made of kisses and cuddles

And nightmares of no mrs and toddles

Reality is altered in a carbonated fizz

But I’m torturously lonely in this vivid whizz


A bizness man is what I dream to be

To be distracted from the love that you have for me

You claim to love me so dearly

But will you leave me one day seemingly seamlessly


I’m 28, but 18 seems so miles away

Thoughts of you got me feeling like (it was) yesterday

Only to live everyday like it was my last (to)day

With fingers crossed for dates on a Saturday


Waking up has me questioning

my existence and hopes of a better ‘morrow

With gold, myrrh, and some kissing in

To never have, and always yearn for more


I always dream for another me

One with love, respect, sense of dignity

Pushing me to a better me

Beyond the ‘mares, dreams, but in reality.



You can hear this poem here! The first rendition, ‘Duet’ is a beautiful, mellow, soft poetic rhythm, and the next ‘Rap’, is more of a Migos/Future style version.

I started writing this poem early this year after taking a short poetry course on Udemy. In this piece, I attempt to contrast interesting ideas and experiences. One of them is my desire for a relationship, which is often in conflict with the fears I have of being in one. Even as this poem is published here, I’m constantly tweaking little bits and pieces to get across my ideas clearly.

Listen/read my first long article here. In it, I discuss my research and academic background.

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