An opposites poem.

Life almost feels like a balance between opposites; life and death, good and not good, For the longest time, I wasn’t sure what to call this. Is it a poem about life and death. No! There’s more going on. It’s a poem about opposites. Here’s my first best opposites poem.

Everything & Nothing

I’m everything and nothing

For where do I belong

Everywhere and nowhere

Life feels like death

To me, and it seems

Death feels like life

If only I could disappear

Gone from this earth

And slowly reappear, in hopes of a rebirth

To free myself from this pain

In a world of no disdain

With pleasure and infinite gain

This fickle life of endless monotony

I yearn to be free from;

To be in a world of transient diversity.

This skin that I love and hate,

In its real and abstract fate

Was once brown, now black to date.

It seems the winners are losing

In a backwards upside down world

Where the losers are winning.

If I could turn back the hands of time,

I’d go back to the year zeros

In hopes of a restart and some new heroes.

To take everything from the every ones;

Some Robin Hood type shit,

And give something to the no ones.


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