I’m speechless.

Where do we go from here?

You are rapacious in your audacity.

Completely shameless in your hubris.

Once thought your greatness would last.

But at last, we could be seriously greater.

A battle of the Neos. It seems the cons are winning.

Really traditional in their values, seeking order and authority.

The latter; fluid in their endless dynamism and economics.

Unlikely alliances of good, bad, uglies – helplessly wobbly.

Taking a place of prestige, systematic power and complexity.

Like enemies becoming friends, to become friends to their new enemies. I once attempted to understand but my understanding is now contested.

Forgive my condescending, mending and epistemological tools of elaborate tending. Seeking an elevated status among your scientists, naturalists.

For I will not stop until we’ve come close enough too. One day we’ll make it; whiz by effortlessly. The allure of your mystique is profoundly tempting.

This poem about politics is only the beginning. There will be more. There have been more. This is the foundation. Believe me. This is the first coming.