There’s nothing more dangerous than a man with a plan. A ‘black’ man even more so, y’all better run.

Shlomo The Great


Like your life depends on it.


Move like an elephant left to right.


Like an eagle.


Like the lion. Aggressive. And pray.


Stand tall.

Reach high to the skies above.

Because your life depends on it.

The RUN audio and text snippet is an extract from #TheIntervention, a fantasy play I’m writing. The following is some commentary to help situate the reader/listener.

If you’re able to peel away the scary, monstrous voice and the dramatic background music, I hope you can see the layers of meaning I attempt to draw attention to.

The main point I hope this piece raises is what it means to run. I wrote this piece from the perspective of someone who sought to impart knowledge on their descendants.

Picture for a moment a world where one segment of the population are identified as “‘black’ people”. If one were to seek to guide and advice such people to live to their fullest capacities, I think it would take the form it does above in the poem I’ve called RUN. If the skin that adorns the bodies of these people were so close to being black that they might as well be ‘black’, thereby justifying the continued use of the term in common parlance, divine intervention is surely necessary. As part of such an intervention, it is to these people that I now speak.

To run is to pursue your ambitions to the fullest – those desires you can’t seem to rid yourself of, pursue! Embody the successes you want to have in some future moment, now! If your life depended on your pursuit of success, how would you live?

To move like an elephant is to embody a sense of confidence that makes you unwavering in your navigation of life.

To soar like an eagle is to live an almost effortless existence fuelled by a core understanding of your true power and abilities as a God.

To roar is to pursue your ambitions as ferociously as the roar of a lion.

Maintaining the fire of learning, reading, and the search for meaning that social institutions constantly attempt to extinguish, in as much as it does not supersede the steadying recalibration of prayer, is a fine balance that comes with dedication and patience.

And above all, I implore you to reach high to the skies above because your life depends on it. This is the crux of the issue I explore in RUN. I find it fascinating that the circled “r” superscript often found next to brand names was virtually invisible to me until recently. It turns out that it may very well be the most important symbol of the modern world.

I hope you enjoyed the audio performance of RUN, and the following commentary. Come check out the cool work I’m doing on Fiverr as a writer and voice artist!