There’s nothing more dangerous than a man with a plan. A ‘black’ man even more so, y’all better run.

Shlomo The Great


Like your life depends on it.


Move like an elephant left to right.


Like an eagle.


Like the lion. Aggressive. And pray.


Stand tall.

Reach high to the skies above.

Because your life depends on it.

The RUN audio and text snippet is an extract from #TheIntervention, a fantasy play I’m writing. The following is some commentary to help situate the reader/listener.

If you’re able to peel away the scary, monstrous voice and the dramatic background music, I hope you can see the layers of meaning I attempt to draw attention to.

The first question I hope this piece raises is: what does it means to run in the first place?

To run is to know that your life and survival on Earth, especially as a black man is largely dependent on having a deep understanding of those that have come before you. I find that the likes of Walter Rodney and Chancellor Williams are a good place to start in that pursuit of a strong historical foundation.

It also means you embody a sense of confidence that goes beyond the surface – a confidence that makes you unwavering in your navigation of life. Such a navigation inevitably brings forth questions about dating and sustainable longterm romantic partnerships. In that regard, I find Alain de Botton, Esther Perel, and increasingly Gary Thomas as worthy advisors.

Additionally, maintaining the fire of learning, reading, and searching for meaning that life constantly attempts to extinguish, in as much as it does not supersede the steadying recalibration of prayer, is a fine balance that comes with patience and dedication.

And above all, I implore you to reach high to the skies above because your life depends on it. This is the crux of the issue I explore in RUN. I find it fascinating that the circled “r” superscript often found next to brand names was virtually invisible to me until recently. It turns out that it may very well be the most important symbol of the modern world.

I hope you enjoyed the audio performance of RUN, and the commentary above. Come check out the cool work I’m doing on Fiverr as a writer and voice actor!